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Certified Personal Chefs

It isn't a secret that France has always been known for its amazing food and beverages. Home to the finest cuisine and patisserie, France is the center of the world when it comes to high-end food. It all starts at a young age. French families love to bake and cook in their free time and spend time trying new recipes to prepare for what is called Le goûter, which translates to "the taste." This is a period of time during the afternoon when people sit down to eat a meal of small snacks comprised of sweet components, such as cakes or crepes. It is a highly popular habit everyone loves to keep. Le goûter is never skipped!

In-Depth Training at Culinary Schools

Since cooking and baking food is loved and appreciated so much in France, there are more schools and formation centers opening in the country. This helps individuals build solid foundations of French techniques and methods. Making a recipe and knowing how to make a recipe are two different concepts. French culinary schools don't just teach students how to make food, but also why each ingredient in a recipe is used and what happens when each ingredient is added. Furthermore, they teach correct temperatures for cooking and baking, how to store food properly, the various bacteria in different foods and how to safely kill them, and the seriousness of following safety regulations. Everything from A to Z is taught.

Food Education


Experience Matters

All certified personal chefs working for Le Merveilleux have years of experience obtained from attending French schools or formation centers and working in the French food industry. We not only bake desserts based on the required safety techniques, but also offer a large variety of high-end French desserts that are hard to find anywhere else.

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