Catering Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which locations does Le Merveilleux serve?
A. Le Merveilleux serves The Woodlands and surrounding cities, including Spring, Shenandoah, Conroe, and Houston. (Charges may apply for locations.)

Q. Can Le Merveilleux travel to serve a further location?
A. We are willing to travel to serve special events as long as they are of a certain size.

Q. Do personal chefs working for Le Merveilleux mind being around pets?
A. If a personal chef is uncomfortable having a pet around while working, he or she will tell you. However, most of our personal chefs are fine with pets in the home, as long as they are not bothering their work.

Q. What kind of food does Le Merveilleux offer?
A. Le Merveilleux provides a large variety of food, including meals for lunch or dinner, and desserts prepared in both traditional and modern ways. Our desserts are mostly French-based, but we also offer some international desserts, such as American and British desserts. When it comes to the cooking side, our meals stay French-based. In addition, we offer a much larger variety of meals from all over the world, including Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, European, Central America, and South American.

Q. Do your personal chefs carry their own tools? Do I need to provide them with anything other than ingredients?
A. All of our personal chefs carry their own tools. Right before starting to make the recipes, they will wash all of their belongings and the work area. If you want the personal chef to clean the tools or work area with a special cleaning detergent or brush, you are welcome to provide that to the chef. It is likely that the personal chef will need some kind of oven or stove for a designated dessert. They will also require you to make some space in the freezer or refrigerator.